User folders on RMNETNT are limited to 200Kbps. For text-based sites or sites with small padding graphics this is sufficient, however for users that wish to offer video or audio content as well as hi-res images, the DL.VO system will serve files at higher speeds. Please do not abuse this as we have limited bandwidth available for all users.


Q: What speeds can I expect from RMNETNT?
A: Between 400Kbps and 700Kbps depending on server load.
Q: Can I run dynamic sites here?
A: No. This webserver will only serve static content.

Last Updated: Weds 13th Dec 2017


  • Navigate to /var/dl_vo/ on the system
  • Make a folder name that you want to use.
  • Whatever the folder structure is, that's what you load on the webserver.
  • For example: /var/dl_vo/someFile will be


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